Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 18th camping in Logandale

Tyler had a baseball game in Logandale this past weekend, so we packed up the trailer and went camping in Stephen's and Alecia's backyard for the weekend. Once again it was a blast. The boys were being true hillbillies moving a mound of dirt. Kayslee loves running around in their backyard.

Daddy's girl

She saw Hunter climb ut so she had to.

April 11 State Fair in Logandale

As a tradition we left Saturday morning and drove up to Stephen's and Alecia's for their baby Savanah's blessing. It happened to be the day of the state fair. So before the blessing we had a blast at the fair and then headed to Stephen's for the blessing. After the blessing Stephen made some hummy ribs while the kids had a blast in their backyard.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Update on Baby

Well on Tuesday Richard, Tyler and I went to see what we were having. We decided as a family we were going to find out. I was out rulled by the majority of the votes. Well during our aultrasound the baby would not open it's legs. The doctor couldn't even give us a guess. Tyler was bummed. Richard and Tyler think that it's going to be a boy and I say a girl. I guess we will just have to wiat to see.

We were also told that our baby's left kidney is dialated to .8cm. It's only supose to be at .5 cm. They are going to do another altrasound on May 14 and if it has not gone down then I have to go see a specialist. My placenta is also in the way. They are hoping that as my uterus expands it will push up my placenta so I don't have to have a c-section. I will keep you updated after next appointment.

keep us in your paryers.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Mom and Kaylsee heading out to church on Easter Sunday. As I was getting Kayslee ready I said to her, “ooww la la Kaylsee, so pretty.” Well Kaylsee then repeated it back to me moving her shoulders side to side. It was soooo cute.

Here are the boys hanging out in the backyard.

The Saturday before Easter we headed out to Logandale to have an Easter egg hunt and dinner out there. Kayslee learned how to slide on her own. We are going to have to get her a slide now.

Here are the boys hanging out in the backyard.

Washing the car

Kaylsee loves being outside. Today she was helping wash the suburban. She was soaking wet.

Falling asleep

Kaylsee had a tiring day today washing the car. While eating spaghetti O’s she feel asleep in her high chair. It was so cute.

While feeding Kaylsee spegett