Sunday, August 30, 2009


One of my families favorite things to do is to load up and go to the race track for a night of family fun. We haven't been racing for a long time because we keep blowing up engines. Well we finally got a engine together, got new tires and off to the track we went. Wow did race fuel go up. For just 10 gallons of fuel it cost us $97.00 Holly Molly must I say. Well Richard ran the car because he didn't know how the car was going to run with a new motor and and new tires. Well it ran very slow for what Richard wanted it to do. All night the fastest time was 10:94 in the quarter mile. He went red the first round so the night wasn't to long. We ended up leaving the track at 1am. So that goes to show you how much fun we have out there.

Here are some pictures of Tyler being hallarious.

Taylor and Kayslee, Jordan and Kayselee, Kayslee with her pizza the size of her, Maddee eating goolosh, and me feeding Richard pizza as he's trying to tune up the car.

Richard racing while we are all cheering him on except for Maddee as she is passed out.

Can't wait till we go again.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Richard

Happy Birthday Richard you are such a great Husband, Dad and Uncle. WE LOVE YOU!!!

LOTS OF LOVE from you "daddy's girl," Kayslee You are such a fun dad and snuggles me to sleep every night.

Happy Birthday daddy!!! Your the Best! love Maddee

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you and treasure all the fun times we have had and will have. Your a wonderful father who will give anything for your wife and children. Thanks for being you and for doing the best you can everyday in every situation. We sure rest content. Love you

Tyler is at baseball right now but wants to wish you a Happy Birthday! Thanks for helping and being there for him for every situation.

And Taylor doesn't have a picture of just him and her but wants to say...... Uncle Richard, thanks for all you done Happy Birthday.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maddee's Party

Maddee's first Birthday Party was a big success. So many family and friends came that I was to busy catching up and socializing that I didn't get to many pictures. I first want to thank everyone for coming and for all the cute gifts that Maddee got. So.....THANK YOU!!!!

Last minute I decided to rent a jumper since we were having so many little kids over. I don't know who enjoyed it more the little ones or the older ones. When eveyone was gone I went outback and found the older kids jumping in the castle and it was bent all the way over. Kids/teenagers???????........what are we going to do with them?

These are some pictures I managed to get.

I did however set a goal for myself to take a picture of all kids and I managed to do it. This was even the first picture to!!! When it was time to open presents I left for a quick second to say bye to some friends and came back to everything torn apart and misplaced so I have no clue who got her what.

Now time for the cake story. I think this is why we have parties is is to see how cute they are with the cake. She was much messier and more into it than Kayslee was. I had to hurry and blow out the candle cause she was reaching fast for it. After I pulled it out Kayslee stuck it in her mouth for her portion of her sisters cake.

This was such a fun night. Again I want to thank everyone for coming and making this one of my favorite memories. I hope Maddee will remember and know how much she is loved by so many people. Again Happy Birthday Maddee we love you!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maddee is 1!!!!

8/18/08 Happy Birthday to my one year old little princess Maddee!! You are the MVP of our family. You have been through so much and with many miracles in your life your first year. You are a true angle sent to us. We love you!!!!

She is not yet walking on her own. She walks holding on to things and seldomly will let go and then fall. She has only one tooth and has not said momma yet only da da.

Tomorrow night we are having her party at 7pm so for any of those who want to come celebrate come!!!!!! Call me and please bring kids there will be a princess jumper!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where Has Time Gone???

It has been over a month ago since I have posted anything so were do I start to update my blog? Things have been so crazy at my house (but whose house isn't right?) On the Fourth of July, Richards mother at age 59 passed away. She got a internal Virus called C-Dif and the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on until it was to late. Slowing but surely all her organs shut down. We are so sad for her loss and will miss her tremendously.

Since Ann's death we have had an angle in our house named Shyanne. She is my second cousin who is now my new child Taylor's best friend. We have been trying to cope with things as a family and get used to having another child, Taylor, (16) in our house. So.... if you haven't figured it out with Ann passing she was raising Taylor so now she is ours!!!!! She is such a sweetheart and are lucky to have her part of our family. We just need to teach her now that it's not all about boys at this age right?????? So we have been trying to do activities to make the family closer. Here we are bowling.

July 21st my brother Stephen and his wife had another baby girl Riley. She is so cute. Here are all the little ones in their matching dresses hanging out. Since they were all here, we called Grandma to come over and to take pictures. It was hard trying to get them all to cooperate.

With me having weekends off we have been traveling up to Utah a lot. This past month we have been up there twice riding horses, bikes, milking goats, picking peas, jumping, and so much more. It's so nice to get out of town once in a while. Most of my pictures I need to get from my moms camera but here are ones for now.

To finish our post for the month of July..... RICHARD IS A GRANDPA!!!!!!!! Brittany had a baby girl July 31 and named her Brylie. So Congrats to Brittany. We Love You!


Wow I love coupon shopping!!!!!! This bill came to a total of $27.00 With that I also got $15.00 off my next shopping trip so really I spent only $12.00 FOR ALL THIS!

7- fruit roll ups 2-fruit gushers-4 boxes of Reese's cereal-4cake mixes-3 icings-6 browning mixes-3 fruit snacks-and 4 ready to bake cookies.

I know its all fatty food so my husband isn't to excited about this but I was. Maybe this is why I'm getting so fat but hey it was a great deal I must say.