Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girls Weekend Out

This weekend the boys took a "boy trip" to California to go to a car show/swap meet for car parts. So.....the girls and I packed up the trailer and headed out to the race track to party and camp out. Boy did we have a blast. We did karaoke, hula hooped, ate lots of hummy food, and just party like rock stars. Here are some fun pictures.

This is Kayslee's first time roasting a marshmallow.

Here are some fun clips of the party as dusk. I was having way to much fun.

Here is the wonderful cake that Paul had made for the party. While we were getting things decorated and setting up I lost my Maddee. We found her though under the table laughing as she was hiding from us.

This was a fun weekend with just the girls and I.

When we got home Kayslee had to call her "papa" to tell him all about her weekend and as she was talking to him in her dirty slippers she crossed her legs and look so adorable I just had to take a picture.

Then "bubba" got home and was cleaning his room and this is what they looked like.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Community Barbeque

A lot of you might not love having a home owners association and neither did I until I became on the board. I love my community. This is one thing I'm going to miss when we move. We have so much fun and give back more than we put in. This weekend we had a hug block party with a DJ, a 20 by 20 jumper for the kids that had a big slide in it, ice cone machine, popcorn machine and a ton of food and drinks. We sure know how to party all day. Every 15 minute we had a drawing giving out some good stuff such as a crock pot, a blender, pot and pans, outdoor chairs and so much more. Every homeowner that attended walked away with something. Then every kid walked away with a movie and other stuff. We sure know how to keep our homeowners happy and in return they keep our community happy and looking good. Here are just a few pictures. At the bottom is a picture of all the board members :)

And then there is the bubble bath to clean up the kids. Maddee looked so cute with bubbles on her face and Richard and I were laughing so Kayslee decided to be funny to and put bubble on her face. Kids are so darn cute. I must add...this is Maddee's first bubble bath.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary

Today we are celebrating our 4th anniversary. After Brandee got off work she ran picked up Tyler from baseball practiced then rushed home to get ready as the same time Richard was rushing home from looking and trying to fix his step brothers car. After all this rushing around we made it only 5 minutes late to the Stratosphere for a wonderful relaxing Fillet dinner. Brandee was in charge of the planning this year as Richard planned last year at Lawyres. I wonder what will be next year Richard? A specail thanks goes out to Jeannine and Tyler for watching the kids. Thanks!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I just love Easter! This is my favorite holiday besides Christmas. There are so many activities you can do such as egg coloring, ginger bread house decorating and sugar cookie making to name a few that we did. Today we woke up and saw the great baskets that the Easter bunny brought the kids. Following that, we had a great waffle and eggs breakfast. It's so fun being a mom.

Richard here..... Brandee was in charge of building the house and the walls were falling down and she was putting things on backwards......I'm scared cause she wants to do things to the new house. Should I let her?

We also went to a car show Saturday that Grandpa Jack's car was in out at railroad pass. I love when the weekends are here. No work just family time. Why do I have to go back to work? O ya we need money. Silly me. :))))

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dad's Retirment Party and Races

This weekend first started out Friday at Station 14 were my dad served most of his fire department years. After 34 Years my dad has retired. He was such a great firefighter who made her daughter proud. I'm going to miss going to the stations to get my cars washed, get feed once in a while, or time alone to talk to dad, but am happy my dad is healthy and happy.

Then straight from there off to the races for Nationals. Even though we live 6 minutes away from the track we still pack up our trailer and spend all weekend camping out. Without all our friends though it wouldn't be near as fun. Down below is Bob Tasca (a professional GOOD driver) who came by just for Richard. Next to them is Paul and Teressa. They are the reason I gain ten pounds while out there. Paul is the head chef at New York and he feeds us well. Below them is Jim and Deanne. Jim is Richards side kick and our engine builder for our race cars. Then it's my mother-in-law with her sons.

These pictures are some fun ones. This is me having to make my famous "Dirt" for the kids. Then it's the rest of the family having fun even Sammy our 6 million dollar dog.

Thanks everyone for making my weekend so relaxing and peaceful. See you next weekend at Divisional thanks to Teressa.

Friday, April 3, 2009

New House

Many of you might not or might know that we have been searching for a new home. Our house now is perfect (minus a few bedroom that we would like) but with the economy the way it is, we decided to take advantage of the great prices out there for a value of a home. We also missed being up on the mountain near mom and dad as that is were Tyler attends school as well. We have had our ups and downs being very patients but we finally got one that we love. It's pretty big and we weren't planning on going this big but why not that just means more babies!! It's 4500 sq ft with a four car garage for my hunny. Both our trailers will be able to fit on the side yard which we also needed. Here's the house.

This is the upstairs. Tyler's room has it's own bath then Kayslee's room, Maddee's room, Game room another bathroom and master room. This house also has a laundry shoot!!!!

Downstairs...Kitchen, family room, dinning room, living room, laudry room, office, guest bedroom with their own bathroom, then a 1/2 bathroom for quest.

So if anyone knows a painter I would like to paint it for a great deal inside. Also if anyone knows someone looking to rent a old house will be up for rent. More details e-mail me

Love Birthday Parties!

This past weekend was family time like every weekend. My mom and dad needed help with some yard work so we started our day over there. Kayslee loved to ride in the wheel barrow with dad. Watching her brought back memories of me when I would ride with my dad in the wheel barrow. After helping mom and dad.......

Off to California it seemed like even though it was in Anthum for Isaiah's 1st birthday party. Kayslee and Maddee had a blast! We played with bubbles, on the swings, slides and just had a blast. Jen and John put on a great birthday party! Happy Birthday Isaiah!