Saturday, June 28, 2008


With summer here we have been going swimming a lot. I’m lucky to have a baby who loves the water. Her and her daddy love to go swimming. The more kids around, the more fun it is. Here are some pictures of different times we have been out swimming.

jimmy, Ryker, and Kayslee in Grandma and Grandpa's hottub

Daddy and Kayslee sliding down Cousin Aaron's slide

Brandee (me) with my daughter and nephews

Brittany and Kayslee swimming and Paul's and Teressa's

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update on Unborn Baby Price

It looks like after test have been completed over the last couple of months, our baby has duplex kidney on her left side. When she is born they will be doing surgery on my baby girl. There is good news though. She won't have to stay in the hospital after she is born unless there are other complication. I will have to take her back in to have the surgery done around 10 days old. They expect her to only have to stay one day, maybe two at the most. They are going to go in and either remove the third kidney or redirect the valve that runs from the kidney to the stomach. She will have lots of doctor appointments but all will be okay. We have great doctors that know what they are doing. It's pretty complicated and I'm not good at explaining things but just know it will be all okay.

Here's what I look like since many of you have been wanting pictures. I also need help picking out a name for my baby girl. Any ideas??????? Help!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day

We had wonderful Father's Day! The Kids went and had
their pictures taken for their dad. They turned out WAY cute!!

Our Family On Father's Day. For those who wanted
a picture of the belly..... her it is!!! It's not very cute but
my family makes up for it. 30 weeks pregnant on Father's
day! I don't know what's bigger my butt or my belly?

The Best man who has been there for me my whole life
is my wonderful father. I love you Daddy!!!! Thank you
for all you do. Words can't explain how much I love and
appreciate you. Love ya!

Next is my wonderful father-in-law. Happy Father's Day
Jack!! Thanks for all you do. We love having you back in town.
You've done a great job raising your son.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beach House

Here are some cute pictures of a week in California
at a beach house!! My family which included my Mom,
Dad and nephew Ryker, Brother Stephen and his wife
Alecia and their two kids Hunter and Savanah, Brother
Jimmy and his wife Jamiee and their boy Jimmy,
and me and my family all spent a week at a beach house
in Capitrano beach. We use to go every year on Easter Break
and we would bring our friends, but this year we all brought
our families. It was so much fun!!!

Kayslee loved to chase the waves!

Then....when they crashed....they chased her.

She is sooooo cute! I just love her!

On Tuesday Richard and Tyler woke up early
and went deep sea fishing. Tyler caught a 4 foot fish!!

When they returned at noon we left for LA to visit my brother Sean
Before heading out to watch a Dodgers game.

Here are the boys after dinner on the peir.

After the Dodgers game.

Tyler loved to go Boggie Boarding!! Stephen is next
to him.

The boys were out on the Patio and are you wondering
what is in the bucket???


I have so many pictures I want to post so I might be posting more.
We had a blast!! The week went by so fast. It was fun to have the
family together.