Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nice Day!

Yesterday we drove out to a wedding reception for April and David Bourn out in Boulder City. Wow did we have fun. It was such a relaxing day to be able to mingle with friends in such a beautiful environment. There were big horn sheep wondering around the park all day long. Madalynn took good long naps and Kayslee and her dad played Volleyball and on the play ground and look at the big horn sheep. Kayslee wanted to run and go jump on them. What a fun day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Brother Jimmy!

The Consulate selected Jim to be the "face of the Consulate". I miss my brother sooooo much and am so proud of him in all he does. I am lucky though to have him go to all these great places cause then I get to travel amd have a place to stay for free.
In 2005 I went to Brazil to see him
In 2006 I went to Washington DC to see him
Then this past Feb I went to China to see him. This is us at the Forbidden City
Lets not forget in 2000 my brother and I went backpacking in Europe! I love you Jimmy! Here is what the Consulate had to say about him.
Consulate Highlights
Consulate Visa Officer Jim
A Foreign Service Officer since 2003, Jim arrived in Shanghai during the spring of 2007. What he most enjoys about working in China are the friendly people and great food. Jim has also worked in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Washington, DC. Jim speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. His hobbies include playing the guitar and cooking.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Two Girls!

What a chore it is to have two kids pictures taken. I think it took us 2 hours and we still couldn't get any great shots. Kayslee would not work with us, but what do you expect from a 19 month old. Thanks aunt Jamie for the cute outfits!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Madalynn Update and Pictures!

Update on Madalynn and then there are some pictures of an awesome rainbow left behind by the rain on Monday and Kayslee suppose to be watering the flowers instead she’s watering herself.

Well Madalynn has to have surgery. The radiation did not go in or out of the “third kidney.” It has not got any larger but it’s not doing anything. They are going to wait though till she doubles her weight. The estimate time for surgery will be in December. We go back for another ultrasound on November 26th and then to schedule the surgery with Dr. Wang on December 3rd. Other than all that she is doing well. She’s very gassy and fussy but I still love her to death. She now weighs 9 lbs. I will keep you all informed as more information comes available.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Madalynn's Radiation Treatment

Yesterday Madalynn had her radiation treatment done at the Summerlin Hospital to see about her Kidneys. She was a trooper and did very good and the radiation did what it was suppose to do. It went through her blood, into her kidneys, then down into her bladder and then out her catheter. It took four nurses and three tries to hold her down to get in IV in her little foot. I must say that was the hardest part. The catheter didn’t bother her at all. When they did an ultrasound on her, she screamed during that. I think it was the cold jelly and the pressure. But during the main treatment she slept and did great. We find out more and what our next step is on Sept. 11th.