Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We are so proud of Kayslee as she is officially potty trained. She has been potty trained for about two months but now she has no accidents during the day or at night. We are very proud of her. Now since she is pottie trained though she is in love with toilet paper and has to make sure she has enough to wipe with and sometimes it a little much. She was pretty much very easy to pottie train. I say over all we had about 5 - 10 accidents. I'm now looking forwayd to Maddee's day when it comes. I hope she is as good as Kayslee.

Kayslee's favorite treat right now is Oreos and milk. Every night she has to have a glass of milk and a package of oreos. Papa loves to enoy them with her.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving at the LVMS Track

This is our fourth year spending our Thanksgiving out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Strip. I look forward to this trip as it is a place to escape the normal life to a fun active life. We pack up our toy hauler and kids and head out to spend the whole weekend at the track. The head Chef of NY casino is our weekend Chef as well as his wife Teressa. The weekend if full of Kerokee, bomb fires, laugh, drama and o ya and racing. This year we had a specail treat with my cousin Shyanne coming down and spending the weekend with us.