Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alianta Park

Saturday was a cousin play date. My brother Stephen and his kids Savanah and Hunter came in from Logandale and we met up and took the kids to play at the discorvery park in Alianta. The kids ate pizza and ran around. After play date we took the kids up to see momma and pappa and they watched them as Richard and I went out by ourselves. That's always nice. It was a good day. Thanks mom and dad for babysitting.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to my Dad,
A Papa to my children I am glad.
You check my oil and lend me money,
Early in the morning you didn't think it was funny.
But memories like these between dad and daughter,
I couldn't ask for a better father.
I love you Dad!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Weekend was full of fun and not so fun thing. To make a long story short my little dog ate a shiscabob stick (can't spell) and it got stuck in his intestine and they had to remove 10 inches of his intestine due to the damage. This video is Thursday night as Kayslee is trying to have Sammy eat so he can try to poop it out. As you can see though he wants nothing to do with food. His leg is wrapped up because they left his IV in when they sent him home so they didn't have to put in back in the next morning. He's doing great hopefully Monday he will come home. O'ya did I forget to mention this is his 2nd surgery? For those who don't know, Sammy ate a top of a nipple off after Kayslee was born and had to have surgery to have that removed. Yep Sammy is our million dollor dog. The things we do for our animals.

Then on Saturday we started the day off at Tyler's bowling. Kayslee loves to ride on her "baba's" bowling balls.

After Bowling, we headed to Sunset park for Jim and Deanne 50th Wedding Anniversay!! There the boys played some three flies up while Kayslee watched on the side lines.

Then on Sunday was church and then we went to Graces (Kayslee's cousin) Birthday party at Peter Pippers. Happy Birthday Grace!

What a busy, fun and relaxing weekend. Oh ya and Maddee now has the eye infection Kayslee had so she just laid around being sick.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kayslee's poor eye

So my poor Kayslee had a cold in her eyes were it was just leaking out green crap all day. Well yesterday her eye is now red. Dr. Aaron told me she has an infection in her eye and that it should clear up in a few days. It's so sad though. All I can think of is my girlfriend Liz and what she had to go through with her little boy. He had to stay in the hospital for days for something she thought was minor and turned into something big. I'm sure I'm over reacting but I'm worried. Even though I was told in will be okay I'm still freeking out wondering if it will be okay.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Maddee

We reached a mile stone. My little girl is now sitting up. We had a little get together with some friends last night to watch the fight and next thing I new I looked over and there she was sitting up. Someone sat her down sitting up and she stayed that way. A little over reactive... mom yelled and had to run and get the camera. I'm sure everyone was thinking I was a spaze....but i am. Good job babe.

And then this was a cute one of her sleeping.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to you on this special day,
as your about to board a ship and sail away.
I love you so much I hope you know,
now go get on you ship go go go.
Me and the girls will think of you,
as you turned 59 whoever knew.
I wish I was there to give you a kiss,
I hope you know you will be missed.
See you in a week with open arms,
at your front door steps ringing the charms.

Thank you Grandma for all you do...
I'm going to miss you and Papa to.

Happy Birthday I'm thinking of you
Hurry home so we can play peek a boo.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cousin Time!

This weekend my little brother Stephen and his Wife went to Cancun. With that being said.....Kayslee and Maddee have had some fun time with their cousins. They did lots of activities together such as baths, church, eating popcorn while watching movies and so much more. It's so good to have cousin time!!

Kayslee and Nana in bath

Nana and Maddee with their blue eyes!

Watching movies and Nana feeding Sammy popcorn

Kayslee and Hunter after church

Bath time for Hunter and Kayslee. Boy did they splash a lot.