Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

For Christmas my family and I made a trip to Utah to visit my parents for Christmas. Christmas Eve we had a special visit from Santa Clause and had a wonderful Prime Rib dinner that my brother Jimmy spent all day making.

Before Leaving to go back to my parents house all the kids got in their matching PJ's

Then it was time for Christmas morning. Santa brought both girls a bike and a camera with lots of little other things

They were happy girls

Since staying at my parents, the girls have fought going to sleep. Even Grandma tried laying down with them

We did lots of fun Activities such as make cute little mice.

We had a shopping cart race down the hallways.

We Walked around Temple Square

We even went on a carriage ride!!!

Then on Monday we drove up to my aunt Cindy's Ranch and have been here ever since. We are having a great time being spoiled by my Uncle Dave and aunt Cindy

My Aunt had the nicest dog named Sage that the girls love to play with

And man my Uncle Dave sure can make some Spaghetti!!!

We love being on Vacation!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Christmas is fast approaching and we have been very busy. We have had lots of little helpers! My brother Jim and his wife Jamiee just adopted the cutest little boy named "Josh" It has been so fun having them in the states.

Here are some pictures of Josh!!!

Since Josh came Jimmy (my nephew) was able to be here for his 7th birthday and we were able to share it with him

My brother Jim and Jimmy had to go back home (which is Egypt) for a few weeks to take care of some things. Jamiee, Jessica and Josh have been able to stay here with us and help us get all decorations!!!

With their help we got everything up ready for Christmas!!!

I want more lights out front!!! I am working on it. (trying to convince my husband)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Halloween was so much fun this year. Kayslee was tinker Bell and Maddee was little Red Ridding Hood. We were on the go all weekend.

Here we are trick or Treating in our neighborhood.

I think I should of made her a Pirate instead of Little Red Ridding Hood

We even decorated our house for Halloween! We were the only ones in our neighborhood.

I took the kids out to Lagandale to go see their cousins.

I took them to my work Pumpkin Patch

Then It was Time for Trunk Or treat with their BFF Maddy!

We even had dinner there!

The girls are giving out candy in the back of the Suburban

A wonderful Weekend!


Monday, October 11, 2010

New Posting

FACEBOOK!!! that's who's fault it is since I no longer blog anymore. I have been falling behind big time since all I do is facebook. So I have made a commitment to get my blogging going again. Who knows who reads it anymore since facebook is around, but I need it as a journal to me.

So.... my first message or activity that I am going to blog about is the trip to visit my mom and dad who is serving a mission in Salt lake City. Last weekend my husband and I packed up our girls and headed up to SLC to see conference and to visit mom and dad. What an ENJOYABLE visit we had. Thanks mom and dad for letting us crash at your adorable home. Can't wait till our next visit!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Okay here is the house I'm renting!

This is the living room the kitchen over looks

one of the bedrooms upstairs

The backyard

The front room when you walk in

This is the view from kitchen to the living room

And not a very good view of kitchen. It has granite counter tops though!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Were do I even start.......Okay lets start with the teenagers. Teenagers will be teenagers right? We still Have Taylor and will continue to have her....she is ours. She made LVHS Varsity softball team but we all knew she would. She is dang good. She also bowled in the All Star tournament for CCSD and took second out of all the girl and won a $450.00 scholarship!!!

Tyler is playing baseball for LVHS and is on the JV team but isn't enjoying it very well. We still have full custody of him. The two teenagers are pretty good kids but........ teenagers. Here they are at a party at the house when Richard was out of town. We had fun.

We have also been selling everything to do home improvements on the house. We sold a our 4-wheeler and Richards "dog house" house. j/k It was are toy hauler that just sat taking up space in the backyard. So goodbye 4 wheeler :(

And good bye to our toy hauler ;(

Even though I had to say bye to some of my toys I was able to get our backyard done and now we are working on the front yard. so those pictures will be coming shortly.

Our Suburban is still for sale though if anyone is interested. I want a Ford Flex but can't one till I sell this. We are asking 26,500 it has 48,000 miles leather seats, sunroof, it's all loaded.

Our Avalanche is for sale to.

Maddee has had kidney problems since she was born. We have been seeing the same doctor since birth but decided that it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. I'm sure glad we did cause not only was her kidney not working properly but her bladder wasn't either. Neither one was draining all the way so they went in and unblocked the "rock in the damn" we called it. We don't go back in another 6 weeks to see how it took and what the next procedure will be. She did great. Sunrise Hospital was so good to us. Other than that Maddee is great!!! She still has to do her breathing treatments and of course fight with her sister.

Kayslee is Kayslee. Very into everything and talks back to everyone. She says and does the finniest things. Right now she loves to make funny faces. She's healthy as a bug and is growing up way to fast. We just need to get her sleeping in her own bed.

Even though Maddee and Kayslee are fighting everytime I turn around they are also very cute together. Maddee tries to do everything that Kayslee does. They are the best two little girls around.

So this pretty much raps everything up. I am so grateful for my two little girls. They are the two I wake up for every morning. Even though we all have our struggles in life there are those that have much worse. So I need to count my blessings on what we do have and continue to go forward in God's plan. He never said it would be easy......just worth it.