Friday, November 20, 2009

New York

So last month my mother and I had a wonderful girls trip to up state New York. Yes I left the kids home and thanks dad for watching them and surviving. It was a last minute deal for me to go, but I'm sure glad I went. My brother Jimmy and his wife who live in DC met us there and we had a awesome time. We first started at Niagara falls. Wow so pretty, we even brought our passports and went on the Canadian side man can I say beautiful! We then did the sacred grove and all the historical church sites. We stayed near the Palmyra Temple were my brother and sister-in-law and I managed to get a session in. In this little town there wasn't to much to eat but we managed to find hole in the walls (the only two in the town) to eat at while we were there. It was such a fun trip to just spend with my mom and my brother Jimmy and his family. We even got to see were my grandpa (mom's dad) was rasied and got to see the house he was raised in. The lady who just bought the house was home and she took us for a tour in her home. It was a little awekward but in the long run a great expreiance. We also saw the beautiful campus he went to medical school at and still provides someone every year with a scholorship there. Thanks fam for the memories. I love you!

Sacred Grove

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Were do I start? Halloween was SOOOO much fun this year. Kayslee was a cow and Maddee was a chicken. Kayslee made Richards and I's Halloween. We started the night off at the church doing trunk or treat and riding on the golf cart ride then we took off to do the real trick or treating. Kayslee was so cute going up to doors and saying, "trick or treat." Then she would tell them thank you. Even if the house was scary she didn't get scared and would march right up to the front door step to ring their doorbell. Her bucket was getting to heavy so we gave her Maddee's bucket (that had no candy in it.) This was a good stragegy on our part now not knowing it but when she would go up to the doors with no candy in her bucket and they would feel sorry for her and give her lots and then when she got back to the stroller she had to empty it into her bucket afraid Maddee would be able to keep it if it was in her bucket. So every house she was getting not just one piece of candy but a handfull. It was so cute. Then when we got back to grandmas and Grandpas to pick up Maddee, Kayslee would tell her grandparents about the scary houses and how she told the monsters, " no monters don't get me" and she would put the hands up to protect her face. She was SOOOOO cute. This is such a fun age. Maddee was getting tired and really didn't understand what was going on so thank you Grandma and Grandpa who stayed home like lumps on the log. And I must add their lights were off by 8:00pm. What a fun night this was!!!! Happy Halloween everyone!