Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Kayslee and Maddee wearing their matching shirts. How fun it is to have two little girls!!

Grandma at the mall with all but 3 of her grandkids.

My parents have their ring tone to their phone “Daddies girl” so when I call them that is the song that plays. Well my parents wanted to show me how Kayslee reacts when she hears that ring on the phone because she knows that its me calling her. It was so cute:) I love her to pieces!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Our Thanksgiving weekend was spent out at the race track. Yes that's right, our car is back up and working so to celebrated we heading out to the Bracket Nationals to compete. On Thanksgiving we first had dinner at the track with our wonderful friends "The Savoy's" My wonderful friend Stacy gave me this great craft on making Pilgrim hats. We had a blast!

After eating at the track we headed to my mom's to eat since racing was canceled due to the rain.!! YUM YUM! I didn't think I would have room but I did. Kayslee just loves being with Hunter. They are such good cousins.

Then we headed back to the track were we stayed the rest of the weekend in our trailer. Richard did really good racing MY car. Friday he went out in the fifth round, Saturday he went to the 1/4 finials. (Yippie we get money back!) There were 150 cars that he went through to make it to the bottom 10. He did great! Then Sunday he went out in the 3 round. Racing all day sure is tiring and the kids sure sleep good at the end of every night.

A special Thanks goes out to the Savoy's!!! Thanks Paul for my Fillet! Thanks Teresa for everything you did! We had a great weekend but it's sure good to be home. Now it's time to take care of my little Maddee. She is going to have her big surgery next week. I'll keep you updated on that as time comes.