Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our entry way

Our formal dinning room

Our somewhat formal sitting room even though the furniture isn't really formal.

The office not very neat either don't know what to do with it except to hang our racing pictures

Here is our messy laundry room. I still need to get some cabinets for above the washer and dryer. On the left side you can't see is a wash out sink with the laundry shoot and cabinets.

The only pictures now that are missing pictures is the downstairs bathroom that we need to decorate and the guest/nanny room with her own big walk in bathroom. Once the upstairs is done we will post pictures of that.


Liz - Jess said...

You are going to need to have a house warming PARTY!! :-) It looks great! But I thought I should point out that there is a knife hanging from the wall!! You are crazy! My kids would pull that right out!

Jessi McCall said...

Ummm you have a nanny? Sweeeet! Can I have your life and house, please?

Mark & Marianne said...

Congratulations on the new house! It's looks nice, and big! You've been busy!!!

Melissa Anderson said...

WOW girl!! You have a gorgeous house. you are uptown now girl! Miss ya

Amanda said...

Your new house looks really nice! You will have decorating. Can't wait to see it -hopefully sometime this summer!

Emily B said...

Gorgeous, Brandee. Did you use my painter? I hope you are lovin' that nice big house.