Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Were do I even start.......Okay lets start with the teenagers. Teenagers will be teenagers right? We still Have Taylor and will continue to have her....she is ours. She made LVHS Varsity softball team but we all knew she would. She is dang good. She also bowled in the All Star tournament for CCSD and took second out of all the girl and won a $450.00 scholarship!!!

Tyler is playing baseball for LVHS and is on the JV team but isn't enjoying it very well. We still have full custody of him. The two teenagers are pretty good kids but........ teenagers. Here they are at a party at the house when Richard was out of town. We had fun.

We have also been selling everything to do home improvements on the house. We sold a our 4-wheeler and Richards "dog house" house. j/k It was are toy hauler that just sat taking up space in the backyard. So goodbye 4 wheeler :(

And good bye to our toy hauler ;(

Even though I had to say bye to some of my toys I was able to get our backyard done and now we are working on the front yard. so those pictures will be coming shortly.

Our Suburban is still for sale though if anyone is interested. I want a Ford Flex but can't one till I sell this. We are asking 26,500 it has 48,000 miles leather seats, sunroof, it's all loaded.

Our Avalanche is for sale to.

Maddee has had kidney problems since she was born. We have been seeing the same doctor since birth but decided that it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. I'm sure glad we did cause not only was her kidney not working properly but her bladder wasn't either. Neither one was draining all the way so they went in and unblocked the "rock in the damn" we called it. We don't go back in another 6 weeks to see how it took and what the next procedure will be. She did great. Sunrise Hospital was so good to us. Other than that Maddee is great!!! She still has to do her breathing treatments and of course fight with her sister.

Kayslee is Kayslee. Very into everything and talks back to everyone. She says and does the finniest things. Right now she loves to make funny faces. She's healthy as a bug and is growing up way to fast. We just need to get her sleeping in her own bed.

Even though Maddee and Kayslee are fighting everytime I turn around they are also very cute together. Maddee tries to do everything that Kayslee does. They are the best two little girls around.

So this pretty much raps everything up. I am so grateful for my two little girls. They are the two I wake up for every morning. Even though we all have our struggles in life there are those that have much worse. So I need to count my blessings on what we do have and continue to go forward in God's plan. He never said it would be easy......just worth it.


Melissa Anderson said...

Oh my friend I miss you so much! I am so glad you finally updated so I could get all caught up. I am so sorry about our little baby girl having health problems. Is she doing any better? My girls fight all day, too! It drives me nuts! Your family is beautiful! Hang in there, and let me know if you need anything! love ya

Amanda said...

I am glad that you have updated! The pictures of all of Kayslee's funny faces are hilarious! She is adorable. I am glad that everything went okay with Maddee's surgery & you got a second opinion. You are such a good mommy :) can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Good luck on selling the rest of your "toys"

Christa said...

Glad to hear that your baby is doing well. Good luck with your sales- things are hard right now- its a bummer to give up your toys, but finishing up your house, will be totally worth it!