Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day

We had wonderful Father's Day! The Kids went and had
their pictures taken for their dad. They turned out WAY cute!!

Our Family On Father's Day. For those who wanted
a picture of the belly..... her it is!!! It's not very cute but
my family makes up for it. 30 weeks pregnant on Father's
day! I don't know what's bigger my butt or my belly?

The Best man who has been there for me my whole life
is my wonderful father. I love you Daddy!!!! Thank you
for all you do. Words can't explain how much I love and
appreciate you. Love ya!

Next is my wonderful father-in-law. Happy Father's Day
Jack!! Thanks for all you do. We love having you back in town.
You've done a great job raising your son.


Jess & Liz said...

Cute family! I love the pregnant picture. It's about time that belly shows!

The Seeley Family said...

Cute pictures of your kids!