Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where Has Time Gone???

It has been over a month ago since I have posted anything so were do I start to update my blog? Things have been so crazy at my house (but whose house isn't right?) On the Fourth of July, Richards mother at age 59 passed away. She got a internal Virus called C-Dif and the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on until it was to late. Slowing but surely all her organs shut down. We are so sad for her loss and will miss her tremendously.

Since Ann's death we have had an angle in our house named Shyanne. She is my second cousin who is now my new child Taylor's best friend. We have been trying to cope with things as a family and get used to having another child, Taylor, (16) in our house. So.... if you haven't figured it out with Ann passing she was raising Taylor so now she is ours!!!!! She is such a sweetheart and are lucky to have her part of our family. We just need to teach her now that it's not all about boys at this age right?????? So we have been trying to do activities to make the family closer. Here we are bowling.

July 21st my brother Stephen and his wife had another baby girl Riley. She is so cute. Here are all the little ones in their matching dresses hanging out. Since they were all here, we called Grandma to come over and to take pictures. It was hard trying to get them all to cooperate.

With me having weekends off we have been traveling up to Utah a lot. This past month we have been up there twice riding horses, bikes, milking goats, picking peas, jumping, and so much more. It's so nice to get out of town once in a while. Most of my pictures I need to get from my moms camera but here are ones for now.

To finish our post for the month of July..... RICHARD IS A GRANDPA!!!!!!!! Brittany had a baby girl July 31 and named her Brylie. So Congrats to Brittany. We Love You!


Amanda said...

Whoa, you have been busy! I am sorry to hear about your mother in law passing away.
So you have another kid - you are a good mommy and I am sure that she loves you. I love all your pictures! I feel bad we haven't talked in a while - I hope that everything is going well. Miss you :)
So Richard is a Grandpa. that made me laugh a little bit. that is exciting AND I am pretty sure that means you are a step grandma! WOW!

Melissa Anderson said...

Did you come up this past weekend and not call me??

I hope that you and the fam are doing ok after you had such a tragic loss. I think about you all often and know that I am here if you need anything! Thanks for being such a great friend to me! Hope things are going well with the kids, work, grandkid, etc! Talk to you soon

Jessi McCall said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Poor Richard..and you! I can't believe how much has changed for you both in the past month. I hope you all adjust to the changes ok. Your girls look SO cute in their matching dresses! ;)

Liz - Jess said...

Wow Brandee! I don't even know what to say. I have been thinking about you tons over the last month but haven't wanted to bother you. I am so sorry for you, Richard, and all those grandchildren. She definitely left behind a great mark on this earth. I know she must be quite content knowing that you are taking care of all of them. You have always had that wonderful motherly heart for all those around you. I can't wait to meet the whole BIG clan! Including "your" new little grand baby! The way I see it, is you are a grandma now too!! Congratulations to both of you. Post some pictures soon. Love ya!!