Sunday, August 30, 2009


One of my families favorite things to do is to load up and go to the race track for a night of family fun. We haven't been racing for a long time because we keep blowing up engines. Well we finally got a engine together, got new tires and off to the track we went. Wow did race fuel go up. For just 10 gallons of fuel it cost us $97.00 Holly Molly must I say. Well Richard ran the car because he didn't know how the car was going to run with a new motor and and new tires. Well it ran very slow for what Richard wanted it to do. All night the fastest time was 10:94 in the quarter mile. He went red the first round so the night wasn't to long. We ended up leaving the track at 1am. So that goes to show you how much fun we have out there.

Here are some pictures of Tyler being hallarious.

Taylor and Kayslee, Jordan and Kayselee, Kayslee with her pizza the size of her, Maddee eating goolosh, and me feeding Richard pizza as he's trying to tune up the car.

Richard racing while we are all cheering him on except for Maddee as she is passed out.

Can't wait till we go again.


Amanda said...

How fun! I want to come next time you go out :) I have never been...

Marylin said...

Fun! You guys are so good at finding activities you can do as a family!

Liz - Jess said...

It always looks like you guys have so much fun out at the track. What a great family tradition!