Monday, September 21, 2009

Madee's Walking

So instead of having up dated pictures, I decided to post a videos of what's been going on this past month or so. My Maddee is now walking. It's been about a week or so since I can say she's walking. It's so cute. She walks on her tip toes and looks like a drunk sailor. She has been teething a lot lately. Her first tooth was the middle bottom. Then her two K9 teeth came in. So she kind of looks a little silly. Well this morning it looks like her front two teeth are breaking through as well as her other bottom middle. So.......My Maddee is finally getting teeth. She still has no hair though.

Kayslee is now sleeping in her own bed. She will still get up though around 3am and come get in bed with us but we are breaking that as well. Last night was the first night we didn't give into her coming into our bed at all and what did my husband say? Let me tell you....he said, "I miss Kayslee sleeping with me, it's like mu security blanket." O no I need to now break him too!!

Richard is in his pre academy with CCSD Police before starting the real thing a week from today. He has been getting his butt kicked. He's doing a better though. Today they ran 5 miles instead of three and he didn't fall behind or throw up. They have now moved on to a new guy to pick on.

I have been busy working and talking care of the kids as well as taking on being one of the coaches on the neice/daughters team Taylor. I just call her my daughter now cause she pretty much is. I love her and being able to do all this with her. She's a cutie but still has teenager issues.

Well that's the update on the Price family. Enjoy the video. Kayslee loves to sing but got bashful when the camera was on, now days she doesn't as you can tell. Her singing and her playing with the hose was taken this summer. Enjoy!!!


Amanda said...

I love your update. You are a busy women! Yeah that Maddee is walking - it is such a fun age. I can't believe how much she has changed since the last time that I saw her.
I'm coming to vegas this that means i get to see you soon

Marylin said...

They grow up so fast don't they?!?! I love the way that all of you have the "Price" last name, even your parents LOL :) SO cute!! I love little girls!!

Melissa Anderson said...

Wow! What an adorable family. I love that Kayslee has to be right there as you are filming Maddee. She is sure use to having the camera in her face. She has been trained well. "Cheese!" Too funny! What are you coaching...VOLLEYBALL? Oh man I would love to do it with you! You are a great mom to ALL of your kids. Love ya