Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Weekend was full of fun and not so fun thing. To make a long story short my little dog ate a shiscabob stick (can't spell) and it got stuck in his intestine and they had to remove 10 inches of his intestine due to the damage. This video is Thursday night as Kayslee is trying to have Sammy eat so he can try to poop it out. As you can see though he wants nothing to do with food. His leg is wrapped up because they left his IV in when they sent him home so they didn't have to put in back in the next morning. He's doing great hopefully Monday he will come home. O'ya did I forget to mention this is his 2nd surgery? For those who don't know, Sammy ate a top of a nipple off after Kayslee was born and had to have surgery to have that removed. Yep Sammy is our million dollor dog. The things we do for our animals.

Then on Saturday we started the day off at Tyler's bowling. Kayslee loves to ride on her "baba's" bowling balls.

After Bowling, we headed to Sunset park for Jim and Deanne 50th Wedding Anniversay!! There the boys played some three flies up while Kayslee watched on the side lines.

Then on Sunday was church and then we went to Graces (Kayslee's cousin) Birthday party at Peter Pippers. Happy Birthday Grace!

What a busy, fun and relaxing weekend. Oh ya and Maddee now has the eye infection Kayslee had so she just laid around being sick.

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Liz - Jess said...

I swear this is like the fifth time I've said this line in the last two days but, "when it rains, it pours!" Between the dog and the two girls, you don't seem to get a break. Good thing softball starts soon! :-)