Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Maddee

We reached a mile stone. My little girl is now sitting up. We had a little get together with some friends last night to watch the fight and next thing I new I looked over and there she was sitting up. Someone sat her down sitting up and she stayed that way. A little over reactive... mom yelled and had to run and get the camera. I'm sure everyone was thinking I was a spaze....but i am. Good job babe.

And then this was a cute one of her sleeping.


Melissa Anderson said...

Cute little MAddee. I love her sleeping in her high chair. Ok-no joke today I was totally missing you. I just joined a v-ball league and was remembering how much fun we had playing together. I was wishing that we could get together and laugh and even go back to the days where we were yelling at the girls while we were coaching. I really will need to get my Brandee fix in soon. I bet you don't even think of me and here I am totally missin you! I am calling you when I come down and you better squeeze me into your busy schedule girl!!

Annie said...

too cute! I am still waiting for Libby to surprise me sometime soon!

Amanda J said...

Cute pictures! So much fun to be a mommy and watch your kids grown and learn new it!

Pat said...

Maddee....we are so tickled that you're sitting up. Way to go, Honey!
We'll be seeing you soon. We love you forever and ever!

Grandmother and Papa