Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dad's Retirment Party and Races

This weekend first started out Friday at Station 14 were my dad served most of his fire department years. After 34 Years my dad has retired. He was such a great firefighter who made her daughter proud. I'm going to miss going to the stations to get my cars washed, get feed once in a while, or time alone to talk to dad, but am happy my dad is healthy and happy.

Then straight from there off to the races for Nationals. Even though we live 6 minutes away from the track we still pack up our trailer and spend all weekend camping out. Without all our friends though it wouldn't be near as fun. Down below is Bob Tasca (a professional GOOD driver) who came by just for Richard. Next to them is Paul and Teressa. They are the reason I gain ten pounds while out there. Paul is the head chef at New York and he feeds us well. Below them is Jim and Deanne. Jim is Richards side kick and our engine builder for our race cars. Then it's my mother-in-law with her sons.

These pictures are some fun ones. This is me having to make my famous "Dirt" for the kids. Then it's the rest of the family having fun even Sammy our 6 million dollar dog.

Thanks everyone for making my weekend so relaxing and peaceful. See you next weekend at Divisional thanks to Teressa.


Emily B said...

Is that the Ohlson's? They are in my parents ward. Deanne was my favorite primary teacher growing up. I knew he was into cars. What a small world.

Liz - Jess said...

It always looks like you have fun at the track. Did you do something different with your hair?? It looks really good.

Amanda J said...

Happy retirement Dad! You look so CUTE - your hair looks good and you look super HOT!

Melissa Anderson said...

Looks like you had a blast. I don't feel so bad not seeing you while I was out there, because I know you wouldn't have had time to even see me! Every time I check your blog it talks about what you did during the weekend and you always sound super BUSY.

I did want to see you though! It was such a quick trip. Next time we will get together. I miss you lots. Hows life? Your girls are so cute and maddie is getting so big. Does she need surgery? We need to talk. Find a minute and give me a call k-