Sunday, April 19, 2009

Community Barbeque

A lot of you might not love having a home owners association and neither did I until I became on the board. I love my community. This is one thing I'm going to miss when we move. We have so much fun and give back more than we put in. This weekend we had a hug block party with a DJ, a 20 by 20 jumper for the kids that had a big slide in it, ice cone machine, popcorn machine and a ton of food and drinks. We sure know how to party all day. Every 15 minute we had a drawing giving out some good stuff such as a crock pot, a blender, pot and pans, outdoor chairs and so much more. Every homeowner that attended walked away with something. Then every kid walked away with a movie and other stuff. We sure know how to keep our homeowners happy and in return they keep our community happy and looking good. Here are just a few pictures. At the bottom is a picture of all the board members :)

And then there is the bubble bath to clean up the kids. Maddee looked so cute with bubbles on her face and Richard and I were laughing so Kayslee decided to be funny to and put bubble on her face. Kids are so darn cute. I must add...this is Maddee's first bubble bath.


Annie said...

You are too cute!!! sounds like a party maybe I should do something like that in our community?! I think your girls are stinkin adorable and I LOVE your blog.

Liz - Jess said...

I don't think most HMAs are like yours. That does sound fun! A nice block party. Great job!

Mark & Marianne said...

Your little girls are so cute! Maddee has grown up so much since I saw you all last in October . . . wow, that's been six months. Look like you have lots of fun and NEW exciting things going on!