Friday, April 3, 2009

Love Birthday Parties!

This past weekend was family time like every weekend. My mom and dad needed help with some yard work so we started our day over there. Kayslee loved to ride in the wheel barrow with dad. Watching her brought back memories of me when I would ride with my dad in the wheel barrow. After helping mom and dad.......

Off to California it seemed like even though it was in Anthum for Isaiah's 1st birthday party. Kayslee and Maddee had a blast! We played with bubbles, on the swings, slides and just had a blast. Jen and John put on a great birthday party! Happy Birthday Isaiah!

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Jessi McCall said...

Cute pictures!! Glad you had a fun time.
I'm bummed you're not playing softball. I thought Bobby was going to go into cardiac arrest...he actually shed a few tears. You'll be missed. :(